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Autoquads Presents:
Practice & Race Gates

Re-thinking Whoop Gates..

Autoquads Aeronautics

Our Mission Statement:


Gates and merch will be available in small batches only for now.. as we are still growing and feeling out the communities needs. Please look for us at future FPV EVENTS  such as MULTIGP 2019 INTERNATIONAL OPEN.  and THANK YOU for helping us build this brand in such an early stage.. We here at Autoquads Aeronautics truly believe we are going to make a positive difference in our community, and we're going to have a great time doing it ! 

Autoquads Aeronautics is pushing the boundaries of what current technology can achieve and is dedicated to continue finding ways to use Radio Frequency, Virtual Reality, Simulated Reality, 3D printing, and "The Internet of Things" to make every day tasks easier for humankind.  Autoquads Aeronautics is defining the future of multi-rotor technology and educating interested parties on how this growing technology can work for them.

We offer multiple practice options to help blow your competition out of the water. The 10 Inch LED race gate is smaller and will challenge you.  These and other features will help to hone your skills while looking dope.  

In the future we hope to bring you even more of the coolest LED gates, features, and FPV GEAR.

**This is just a little bit about our company, we will add more soon.  You can stay up to date on all the haps around here and get updates on rad products and merch and contests and giveaways by simply dropping your email into the next section below this: Enter your email in the input field and simply hit that "SQUAD UP" button !  OR JUST JOIN THE FACEBOOK PAGE ? https://www.facebook.com/AUTOQUADS/

Hosting a race or event? Need gates? Ask us about sponsoring gates for your next race ! 


w h o o p h o o p s !

Your support is greatly appreciated. Your generous donation will fund our mission to bring people into this hobby, teach them to fly safely, host races, and acquire a brick and mortar Headquarters.

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